How Can 20 Boats Satisfy 40 Families?


And how can 50 boats satisfy 200 families? The answer is simple: We don’t all go boating at the same time.  There are about 840 boats stored at our beaches, but it is extremely rare that more than 30 are in use at the same time. With 20 boats shared by 40 families, the odds are small that the kind of boats you want will not be available when you want them. And the bigger the boat fleet, the better it gets. With 50 boats, 200 families would probably always be able to find the boats they want. And this includes times when they want to bring guests, and use 6 or 8 kayaks or canoes or paddle boards.

The boat sharing program uses “smart” padlocks that let us track how many boats are in use at any time, so we can adjust the size and composition of the fleet to meet the desires of the users.