How to use the boat sharing program


1.      Once you sign the member agreement (use button of that name near the bottom of the main webpage), I’ll have Master Lock send you instructions for setting up their app to unlock the smart padlocks. All adult members of your household should also sign the member agreement so they can have their own access to the padlocks. If they don’t need padlock access but will ride in any shared boats, they should sign the Guest Waiver (pale blue button on the website).


2.      Then choose the button labelled “Boat Listing – the Fleet” to see the boats that are in the program. Paddles are locked with the boats.


3.      Choose the boat or boats you want to use, check to see if they are available (click either How to See if a Boat is Available button) and go to them at the boat racks. Or just go the beach; chances are most boats will be available. There you will unlock the padlock using the Master Lock cell phone app, and remove the boat(s) and their paddle(s). Click on the How to Open the Padlocks (video) button—it’s easier than opening a combination lock. You should bring your own life vest(s), but there are some available for guests at Beach 4.


4.      Enjoy the boat(s) on the lake and then return them and paddles to their boat rack space.


The boats in the middle below, with the orange paddle locks,

are some of the shared boats stored at beach 4.