How to tell if a boat is available.


I know this sounds a bit complicated. Just try it with your app now and youíll see that it is simple.

If you want to know if a particular boat is available, open the app, find the lock for that boat, and tap on that listing.See the screenshotóIím interested in 4YK2, at the bottom of the screen, so I tap on it.


Youíll see a screen full of data about that lock. Scroll down, and just past the location map youíll see the last time the lock was opened. If the lock has not been opened today, then the boat should be available.


The app will always have an accurate record of when the lock was last unlocked, but not of when it was re-locked. The screenshot shows that the lock was last opened May 19. Itís now May 21, so it hasnít been unlocked today and must be available. If it had been unlocked today at, say, 10AM, and itís now 3PM, thereís a good chance itís available, since itís unlikely that someone would keep it for 5 hours.