Life Jackets


†††††† There are life jackets available in a cabinet at beach 4 for guests, including adult and child sizes. The cabinet is attached to the life guard locker at map location L6. The padlock is different from those for the boats, but works the sameójust push any button to wake it up.

†††††† I strongly encourage you to get your own life jacket If you donít already have one, both for convenience and to make sure that what you have will be comfortable.There are various Coast Guard Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Types. With the exception of the rather expensive self-inflating types, the safer a PFD is, the less comfortable. For someone who is going to be paddling or fishing, a Type III PFD ($30-$100) is most comfortable and recommended. For someone who will only be a passenger in a boat, a Type II PFD is a better idea. They are generally cheaper, less comfortable for activities, but safer.

†††††† You might want to try some on at Dicks sporting goods or REI, or any other outdoor sports store, to see what seems best for you.